8 reasons native plants are great for landscaping

There are several reasons why native plants are great for landscaping; they help you save time, money, and energy and also attract hummingbirds to your garden. Additionally, native plants are eco-friendly and cheaper to maintain than non-natives.

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Most gardeners prefer native plants because they adapt to a region’s climate conditions, soil, and rainfall amounts and require no pesticides and fertilizers. Here are reasons why you should consider native plants for your yard:

1. They Are Low Maintenance

Most homeowners grow non-native turf grass in their lawns. That makes them spend a lot of time watering, fertilizing, and providing it with everything it needs to grow in an unfamiliar location. You can reduce the hassle of maintaining a turf grass lawn by adding native plants to one part of your garden. That will also help you reduce lawn equipment such as weed removers and lawn mowers. Also, you’ll spend less on electricity and gasoline and reduce environmental pollution.

2. They Require Less Irrigation Water

Environmental experts always advise the need to conserve safe water for drinking and other uses. While the earth is full of water, only 2.5% is fresh. 69% of that comprises ice caps and glaciers. One way you can save water is through landscaping.

Native plants don’t need as much water as non-native ones. That is because they have deeper roots than non-natives, which allows them to hold water for extended periods. Additionally, native plants adapt to the area’s rainfall amount, which makes them grow without the need for irrigation water.

3. They Don’t Need Pesticides and Fertilizers to Thrive

Native plants only require natural fertility in their native soils to grow. That makes it unnecessary to add synthetic fertilizers. You only need to provide your native plants with proper care because they will get enough nutrients from the soil.

Native plants also have a natural security system that prevents diseases and pests, so they remain healthy without adding pesticides. Pesticides and fertilizers are costly, and buying less will enable you to save money. Also, you will save energy and time by spraying fewer pesticides and spreading fewer fertilizers.

4. They Are Resistant To Local Climatic Conditions

Native plants thrive better in local climatic conditions than non-natives. For example, most native plants growing in a high-wind area will have adapted to the conditions and become resistant to the wind. Also, many native plants in the coastal region tolerate hurricanes and salty water. Therefore, native plants thrive better in local climates than non-natives.

5. They are Not Invasive

Most native plants only grow where you plant them and are unlikely to invade other parts of your yard. That is the opposite of most non-invasive plants. Invasive plants can outgrow native plants and might even destroy them. Also, it may be challenging to contain invasive plants since they require high maintenance.

6. They Play A Crucial Role in the Environment

Native plants benefit the environment in several ways, such as providing shelter and food for wildlife. Also, different creatures such as bees, hummingbirds, songbirds, and squirrels get shelter, fruit, seeds, nuts, and nectar from native plants. Even though the creatures can get these things from non-native plants, they may feel uncomfortable when getting them from them.

7. They Minimize Water Drainage

A garden with native plants reduces water drainage by containing nutrient-filled sediment, herbicides, and pesticides. The plants trap the rainwater before the excessive amount moves to the storm drainage. Also, native plants have deep roots that filter the water and eradicate toxic materials.

8. They Improve The Yard’s Beauty

Native plants make your garden beautiful, provide food for some creatures and help you save money. Consider planting some flowers in your yard to attract hummingbirds and bees. The flowers or plants you choose will also provide a texture and colors that draw butterflies to your garden.

Native plants provide several benefits to you and the environment. They enable you to spend less money, time, and energy and provide food and shelter for some animals. In addition, native plants are safe for the environment and easier to maintain than non-native plants. These and the above benefits make native plants a choice for most gardeners and landscapers.