Landscape Solutions Services

Every landscape plan is unique; our design solution will be specific to your site and reflect your vision and needs. Once the design process begins, we'll work with you through the installation and maintenance of your new landscape.

We use our extensive knowledge of native plant and hardscape materials to create a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. We ensure that you will have seasonal colors and a landscape that is attractive year-round.

We truly treat every landscape as if it were our own. Whether creating an outdoor living oasis, installing native planting to screen an unsightly view or installing a rain garden to keep your soil from eroding Landscape Solutions will create and build a design that meets your needs, inspire your imagination and exceed your expectations.

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Design Process

  1. Prepare a site inventory of your property including any measurements, utilities or notable site conditions that might affect the final product.
  2. Design a plan for your new landscape or outdoor living area based on the information and ideas provided by you.
  3. Present the design and bid; discuss the materials to be used for the project.
  4. Refine the design (if needed), present the contract and determine the project start date.
  5. After your project is complete, we offer organic garden maintenance services for your new landscape.

Landscape Design

Do you have a blank canvas, an existing landscape in need of enhancement, or an unkempt landscape requiring a total renovation? Landscape Solutions will design a plan that compliments the natural environment of your home or business. Every landscape plan is unique; our design solution will be specific to your site and reflect your vision and needs. Once the process begins, we'll work with you through the installation and maintenance of your new landscape. We truly treat every landscape as if it were our own and want the finished product to be something that we are proud to show our future clients. Whether introducing a native planting to screen an unsightly view, installing a dry stack stone wall to keep your soil from eroding, or installing a Dogwood to increase your property value, Landscape Solutions has the solution.

Master Planning

Do you need help envisioning your property’s potential? Let Landscape Solutions take a holistic look at your property and help you realize the hidden possibilities. Are you having issues with drainage on your site? Did you know that you can harvest stormwater on your property and use it to irrigate your landscape? Let us show you how a series of rain gardens, bio-swales, native plantings and rain barrels can be combined to reduce your site’s storm water run-off. This will directly help reduce your impact on a wide range of environmental issues such as water and air quality. We look forward to helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We care about the environment and the impact your build has on it. We use native plants and best practices to create a space that is responsive to the environment. 

Whether we’re installing one of our plans or yours, we estimate carefully, execute on time, and work with the highest quality materials and craftspeople. Our attention to detail and professional installation create the finished landscape you imagined.

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Building Services

  • Patios ( stone & pavers )
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Living Spaces ( dining & kitchen )
  • Porches
  • Arbors
  • Fences
  • Rain Gardens
  • Bioswales Raised Garden Beds Edible Landscapes

Landscape Installation

Landscape Solutions is a design build firm. How does this benefit you? We eliminate the middle man and provide a streamlined process from project inception to project completion. Our staff combines more than a decade of experience from all over the United States; this allows us to provide the most efficient and environmentally sensitive installation process. We’ll be sure to complete your project on time and within your budget. One of our landscape designers will be on-site during construction to ensure that you are satisfied throughout the process.

Outdoor Living

The line between indoor and outdoor living has blurred — more and more people are experiencing the benefits of extending their living room beyond their back door. Landscape Solutions can help you create a functional, well-designed outdoor living space to be enjoyed with your family, friends and neighbors. Whether you want a simple paver patio or an elaborate outdoor kitchen, we will customize your space to meet your needs. We can help you visualize your design with our 3d modeling software and ensure all of the details are worked out before we begin construction. Fire pits, fire places, seat walls, paver patios, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, pergolas, arbors, decks or swimming pools; we will create a solution that works for you.

We offer a variety of standard sizes and can build custom raised cedar garden beds to fit perfectly in your space. We use cedar that is locally harvested and milled paired with the perfect planting mix robust with nutrients for a high yield. Not sure what to plant and when, we can help with that too.

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Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are a unique way to alleviate your drainage issues while helping to reduce water pollution and preserve our precious drinking water system. Instead of directing your stormwater to the cities drainage system we will direct it to a rain garden that is planted with native perennials, grasses and shrubs. This creates a beautifully planted garden in your yard while helping you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Your new rain garden will help to filter runoff, recharge local ground water, protect streams and rivers, improve water quality, create wildlife habitat and much more.

Certified Wildlife Habitats

Landscape Solutions can help you create a wildlife habitat on your property and restore the ecology of your own yard. We help you select and install native plant material that provides food and shelter for wildlife to live and raise their young. Once the essential elements are incorporated into your garden we will have the National Wildlife Federation certify your garden as Certified Wildlife Habitat. Your investment in a sustainable wildlife habitat helps to fund the National Wildlife Federation habitat work and outreach programs. In fact, we are a preferred habitat installer for the local grower Nashville Natives and for every plant we purchase either $.25, $.50 or a $1 is donated directly to the NWF.

Your new landscape is a big investment. We’re here to make sure you enjoy it effortlessly. We provided organic garden maintenance by assisting your lawn team by weeding, mulching and pruning, monthly, weekly or bi-weekly.

Our knowledgeable team makes sure your garden looks its best in every season. We quietly come and go as we provide your landscape with the consistent, precise and respectful care it requires to look its absolute best and is effortless for you.

Need a one-time clean up? Fresh mulch and pruning. We can help with that too.

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Organic Garden Maintenance

Landscape Solutions offers weekly, monthly or seasonal organic garden maintenance services to help ensure the health and vigor of your landscape. We take care of your planting beds by handling all of your seasonal color, pruning, mulching and weeding. We use the most environmentally-sensitive weed control program in the world - we pull them by hand. For more problematic weeds, we use the only 100% organic USDA certified herbicide on the market. In fact, we use an entire line of herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers that are all 100% organic and certified by the USDA. Did you know that to be 'certified organic' the product only has to be 95% organic? This helps to create a safer and healthier environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Seasonal Color

Whether you have a large annual bed or a single planter, Landscape Solutions can offer your property creative combinations of annual and perennial plant material that will make your property stand out. We will take care of amending the soil with an organic compost, selecting plant material that matches your solar orientation and site conditions and ensuring the plants receive the appropriate amount of irrigation. After the installation we offer continued site visits throughout the growing season to provide an organic maintenance program for your annuals. Selling your house? Our seasonal color service is the most economical way to create instant curb appeal for your real estate.