landscaping to fix drainage issues

The last thing anyone wants is to have water render their outdoor living space or garden unusable. While water is a life-giving force, particularly for your greenery, it can also be destructive if not contained. But even when it happens, it’s not something to fret over. With the help of the right landscape design team, you can turn your outdoor space back into the vibrant Eden it once was. 

Common Drainage Issues

Some drainage issues are obvious, while others are more difficult to spot. The goal of landscaping is to apply a design that considers the natural slope of your space and incorporates techniques that allow for a strategic flow of water to where your plants will benefit most. Here are some drainage mishaps you may encounter: 

  • Puddles of standing water
  • Clogged drains or gutters
  • Soil erosion
  • Overgrown patches of grass
  • Water dripping into your basement

How Good Landscaping Can Solve Them


A swale is a sloping slide created from the area’s natural landscaping to prevent flooding by guiding the water away from your home/building toward a garden or potential reuse. 

Catch Basins

Commonly used in many landscaping designs, a catch basin is a box attached to a pipe installed at the lowest point of the property that helps with redirecting water to a local sewage or plumbing system and catching debris. 

French Drains

A French drain is a shallow trench dug into the ground that is filled with gravel and a perforated pipe. The gravel functions by blocking debris from entering the drain, preventing clogging, and letting the water seep into the gutter, and escaping to the lowest point in the ground. 

Dry River Bed

The dry river bed, or dry creek bed, can be aesthetically pleasing in addition to helping prevent drainage issues. They are comprised of a trench filled with stones and lined with flowers or plants that will act as a mini creek when it rains, mimicking a natural riverbank in your very own backyard. 

Dry Wells

Dry wells are underground rock chambers installed with pipes that drain water from the surface., instead of redirecting it to a sewer, the dry well contains the water until it filtrates into the soil. 

If you’re experiencing any of these common landscaping drainage issues, there’s hope! Landscaping Solutions has all the expertise required to integrate beautiful and practical landscaping design to fix and prevent further problems from surfacing. Contact us today!