Create a Cottage Garden


While formal gardens are refined and full of order, a cottage garden is reserved for the eclectic and free-spirited. The beauty of a cottage garden is that it transports you to another world with a beautiful array of blending colors and natural beauty. Cottage gardens are perfect for people who don’t wish to be perfectionists when it comes to their landscaping, but still want the foliage, decor, and structure to fit together harmoniously. 


Benefits Of A Cottage Garden

If you’re still on the fence about creating your own idyllic cottage garden, here are some fantastic benefits you should consider: 


  • You don’t need expensive plants or too much planning to make a cottage garden work. After all, the appeal of cottage gardens is that they appear wild and effortlessly beautiful. 


  • Every cottage garden is unique, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to fill it with colors and accessories that speak to your aesthetic. 


  • They also don’t require too much maintenance. Again, imperfection is the hallmark of a cottage garden, so there’s no added pressure to stake those extra little weeds right away. 


Let’s explore some design essentials for your future cottage garden:


Decorative Accessories

Decorations are an excellent way to add a finishing personal touch to your garden. What emotions or effects do you want your garden to invoke? Do you want to invite wildlife into it? Try a birdbath. Do you want to create a sense of serenity? Install a fountain. Let your garden be your safe space. 


Edible Ornaments

Incorporating edible plants into your garden is an excellent choice for those who wish to feed their bodies and souls. After all, if you lived in a garden somewhere in the forest, you’d want to forage some of your own food.

Sturdy Perennials And Annuals

Depending on where you live, these plants can differ from place to place. You should start by looking into plants native to your area and that fare well in your region’s climate. Also, consider evergreens such as Juniper or Wintercreeper to fill out your garden and keep it verdant and lively all year long. 


Functional Paths

If you want a little more structure to your cottage garden, consider creating paths that connect the garden like pieces of a romantic puzzle. Cottage gardens are meant to be functional, and what better way to do that than layout paths for visitors to take a relaxing stroll and breathe in the fresh air? 



Another way to create paths or section-off your garden is through hedges. Hedges work by dividing up your layout while still being a part of the garden. Choose hedges with flowers  to line your paths without having to add additional elements such as stones or pebbles if that’s not your style. 


Garden Gates

Elegant or rustic gates made of wood, metal, or bamboo make your garden a warm, welcoming paradise. They can be adorned with climbing plants such as wisteria, jasmine, sweet peas, or climber roses to give the illusion that your garden has taken over the structures for an extra-magical oomph. 


If you’re ready, give us a call at Landscape Solutions today to design your perfect mystical cottage garden.