Outdoor patio bars


We all know that backyards are a perfect place to bring guests or kick back on the weekends. However, what if you could make your yard a full-blown entertainment center? Let’s explore nine different outdoor bar ideas to take your backyard to a new level!


Expansive L-Shaped Bar

Why not go big or go home if you have a large yard? An ample L-shaped bar is perfect for entertaining a big crowd. Including a grill will  make it the ideal dining destination for big parties and include all your outdoor entertainment needs in one space. 


Pizza Oven Bar

Nothing pairs better with a cold beer than some fresh oven-baked pizza. Consider a practical, three-sided outdoor bar with a rustic pizza oven at the center and use the countertop space to slice it up and spread the love around. 


Mixed Stone Bar

Using composite stone as a medium in a yard is both classic and elegant. You can even try mixing mediums, using mixed stone as your base, and making the countertop woods or marble for a classy finishing touch. 


Bar And Kitchen Combo

Why stick to a basic bar when you can throw a fully equipped kitchen into the mix? If you’re the cook at your parties, you don’t want to be stuck inside! Plus, when you have a bar and kitchen combo, you contain the after party clean-up to just one place. So, why not bring the food prep outside and mingle with your guests while you assemble the hors d’oeuvres?


Wall-Mounted Bar

If you’re a practical minimalist who wants less clutter and more functional spaces, a wall-mounted bar may be the way to go. Make a simple shelf designated for your mixologists’ supplies, or add a narrow countertop for casual hanging. 


Murphy Bar

In the same vein, Murphy bars, or fold-out bars, are perfect if you want to tuck it away and free up more yard space when you don’t have guests over. Especially if you have kids, this way, you can keep the alcohol hidden away and prevent any tiny heads from bonking into the bar. 


Focal Point Covered Bar

Often, people picture bars as protruding from walls or corners of the home. Another option is to make your bar the center of attention by building it separately(apart? Away? Independent of???) from the home and covering it with a lovely outdoor pagoda for those extra hot summer days. 


Gazebo Bar

Speaking of covers, building your bar in a cute gazebo is both unique and practical, particularly if you have a medium-small outdoor space. 


Whether you want to add a bar like these, or have your own unique outdoor bar idea, Landscape Solutions can bring it to life.