Screened-In Porch Trends


A screened-in porch can completely transform an outdoor space. If pesky bugs are keeping you from being outside, adding a screened porch can make spending time outside both more enjoyable and totally bite-free. With more of us working from home, there’s no reason not to enjoy a couple of extra hours outside without worrying about mosquito bites or the occasional rain shower ruining your productivity. If you’re looking for inspiration for your screened-in porch, read on for the best trends from 2021. 

Simply Minimal

One of the most popular reasons to install a screened porch is to enjoy your view. To see as much of that outdoor space as possible, we suggest going for a minimalistic screened-in porch. A minimalist design installs large screens and lets nature be the star of the show. You can customize your minimalistic screens for a modern look with thin dark-colored metal frames. Minimal screened-in porches create endless opportunities for decoration. Consider adding bold accent furniture pieces and large rugs to complete the look. We also suggest you invest in weatherproof outdoor furniture to prevent damage from the elements. 

Rustic Inspired 

Screened-in porches with a rustic or southern charm are a popular emerging trend in 2021. It’s only fitting that a screened-in porch is a perfect addition for living in warmer weather areas. Adding some rustic inspiration like shiplap for the walls or open beaming for the ceiling will create a perfectly charming outdoor area. Screened-in porches don’t have to be completely open and can act more like an attachment to your home. With a rustic style, you can add lovely southern banisters to the bottom half of your porch and a swinging settee for an extra comfy touch. 

Totally Boho 

Adding plants and furniture pieces can turn a screened-in porch into a boho paradise. Your screened-in porch can help you escape from the stress of everyday life and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Using light wood colors in the construction and other nature-inspired neutrals will complete that feeling. A boho screened-in porch could benefit from a fun light fixture. You can also add a focal piece to your screened-in porch. Consider an indoor/outdoor fireplace or entertainment center to enjoy with the whole family. Going boho doesn’t have to be over the top but adds a bit of fun and personality to your outdoor space. 

A screened porch is the perfect addition for those that want their indoor and outdoor spaces to fit together seamlessly. With outdoor living spaces continuing to be a popular addition for remote workers and families alike, it’s a great idea to customize your screened porch to fit your needs and add value to your home. Whether that means adding plants in every corner or a fire pit to enjoy a glass of wine, adding your personal style will make your screened-in porch a favorite spot in your home. 

If you’re ready to create your perfect screened porch, contact us today. We will help you design and install an outdoor construction that will complement your home and outdoor space.