12 Ways to Prepare for Winter In Nashville:

As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to change color, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your outdoor space for winter. Here in Nashville, we may not get a lot of snow, but the cold temperatures can still take a toll on your lawn and garden. To enjoy winter and prepare for a great spring and summer, fall is the time to winterize our outdoor spaces and prepare for next year. Here are 12 ways to prepare your outdoor space for winter In Nashville.

1-Clean Up the Leaves

One of the most basic, yet important things your lawn and garden need in the fall is getting the fallen leaves cleared up. If left on the ground, wet leaves can smother your grass and lead to disease. They can also provide a cozy home for pests like mice and voles. Once the leaves are all cleared, they can be composted or be used as mulch around your plants.

2-Overseed The Lawn

A great way to ensure thick, healthy grass in your yard is by overseeding it during the fall. Overseeding is simply putting grass seed down over the grass, without disturbing the soil. But why do we recommend it and why in the fall.

Having a beautiful lawn all spring and summer meant keeping it mowed and trimmed. Unfortunately, this means that grass doesn’t get the chance to go to seed. When we add seed in the fall, it makes up for the grass being unable to seed itself. We might think that it would be ideal to seed during the summer growing season, but there are many reasons why fall is a better time.

    • The Soil is Still Warm
      Another reason why fall is the best time to overseed your lawn is because the soil is warmer during this time of year. This is important because grass seeds need warm soil in order to germinate and grow. The warmer soil during fall helps the new grass seeds to germinate more quickly and grow more vigorously.
    • The Weather is Cooler
      One of the best things about fall is that the weather is cooler. This is ideal for overseeding your lawn because the cooler temperatures help the new grass seeds to germinate and grow. Additionally, the cooler weather helps to reduce stress on the new grass, which can help it to establish itself more quickly.
    • There is More Rainfall
      Another benefit of overseeding your lawn in fall is that there is typically more rainfall during this time of year. This is important because new grass needs a lot of water in order to grow. The extra rain during fall helps to ensure that the new grass will get the water it needs to thrive.
    • There are Fewer and Less Active Pests
      Pests can be a big problem for new grass, as they can eat the grass seeds or damage the young plants. However, there are typically fewer pests during fall, and the ones that remain are typically less active in cooler weather. This means that there is less risk of them damaging your new grass.
    • The Grass Will Be Healthier
      Overseeding your lawn in fall can also help to make the existing grass healthier. This is because overseeding helps to fill in any thin or bare spots in your lawn, which allows the grass to grow more densely. A denser lawn is healthier because it competes better against weeds and helps to prevent erosion and other problems.


Another thing your lawn and garden needs to get ready for winter is aerating. This involves loosening the soil by making small holes in the soil to improve drainage, and allow your grass to better absorb nutrients.

4-Fertilize and Weed Control

Fertilizing and applying pre-emergent weed control in the fall. l are important for a healthy, green lawn next spring. During the fall, your lawn is storing nutrients and energy to help it survive the winter. Fertilizing ensures sufficient nutrients to create a strong root system. Putting down pre-emergent weed control now is ideal because it will prevent weeds from germinating in the spring.

5-Mulch Flower Beds

Fall mulching provides protection for our flower beds. It helps to insulate the roots of your plants, prevents weeds from germination, and also helps to retain moisture in the soil.

6-Prune Trees and Shrubs and Cut Back Perennials

Getting rid of dead or diseased branches now will help your trees and shrubs to stay healthy during the winter. It is also a preemptive measure to protect your property from any storm damage that may occur. Cutting back your perennials will help them to regrow in the spring.

7-Drain Sprinkler Systems And Outdoor Faucets

Draining your sprinkler system and outdoor faucets will help to prevent them from freezing and bursting if Nashville sees a hard freeze for extended periods of time.

8-Move Potted Plants Indoors

Potted plants are more susceptible to freezing and damage from the cold weather, so it’s important to bring any potted plants inside before the first frost

9-Cover the A/C Unit

Even though modern air conditioning units are built to withstand the toughest weather conditions, covering your A/C unit will help keep leaves and other debris from getting into your condenser, which will help it to be ready for use next spring. But we don’t want to overdo it. The cover or fabric should be able to “breathe” so it does not lock in moisture, which could be detrimental to the finish and components.

10-Clean the Gutters

It is important to clean your gutters in the fall so that they are clear of leaves and debris. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and leak into your home.

11-Take Care of Lawn Furniture

Be sure to clean and store your lawn furniture in a safe place for the winter. Lawn furniture that is left out in the elements will deteriorate quickly.

12-Prepare Water Features

If you have any water features in your outdoor space, be sure to take care of them before the cold weather sets in. Drain the water, clean the feature, and store it in a safe place for the winter.

These 12 tips for winterizing outdoor spaces require a lot of work and some know-how, but they will ensure that your property will be ready for winter and in the best shape it can be next spring. The landscape professionals at Landscape Solutions can prepare your property for the season and keep things as ready as can be. You can sit back and enjoy the cooler months stress-free. Contact us today to learn more about our services. Don’t forget to ask about our Seasonal Color Installation!