Important Pool Options You Should Consider


Summer is bringing the heat this year! Now is a great time to bite the bullet and build that pool you’ve always been dreaming of. An in-ground pool is an investment that will turn your normal, outdoor space into a private paradise. Not only is it fun for the kids, but it is sure to entertain guests of all ages. Before you dive in, there are a couple of important options to consider when building your pool. 


The location of your pool in your outdoor space can make or break the entire yard. You want to ensure that your pool doesn’t take up the entire area of your yard. But you also want it to be a feature that looks great whether you’re enjoying it outside, or viewing it from inside your house. Creating a space for your pool is permanent so finding the perfect location is crucial. You can also consider building an entirely new outdoor area with the pool as the focal point. This would involve creating a patio or seating area around the pool that can help it seamlessly blend into your outdoor space. If you have a little less yard space, a classic and chic wood deck can also do the trick to elevate the area around your pool. 

Size and Shape 

It’s easy to go with a classic rectangular or oval-shaped pool, but creating a pool with a unique shape can not only make it more interesting but can also complement your outdoor space. The size and shape of your pool will vary depending on your budget, amount of space, and design. If your outdoor space is more natural with curves or landscaping features, you can create a shape that blends in and further complements those features. Or, if you have a large, rectangular lawn, you can consider a more classic, rectangular shape and make it more interesting with design features and the surrounding landscaping. 


When it comes to the design of the pool, you can let your imagination run wild. To blend in with the natural elements of your yard, you can consider using local, natural stone in its design. You can also go above and beyond and add extra features to your pool. Some popular options include spa areas, waterfalls, fountains, and even swim-up bars. We can help you come up with the perfect design to create a pool that will fit your home and lifestyle. 


The final touch to creating a beautiful pool area in your yard is the landscape design around the pool. Whether it’s a new patio with a built-in fire pit or some gorgeous plants to make your pool feel like an oasis, we are here to help. Adding landscaping around your pool will help make it a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy. From the design, ideation and build of your pool, we can be there every step of the way to ensure that your pool fits in perfectly with your home and yard. 

Building the perfect pool is a large project, but with our team of designers and builders by your side, you can enjoy a space uniquely suited to you and your lifestyle. From the location, size, surrounding design, and landscaping, we can’t wait to see the pool of your dreams in your yard.