If you’re looking for a selection of perennials that will embellish your Nashville residential or commercial property year-round, look no further!

With Tennessee’s broad seasonal spectrum of 20 degree winters to 90 degree summers, deciphering which plants will stand the test of the elements can be a tricky endeavor. The last thing you want to do is needlessly spend your precious time and money undergoing a trial-and-error planting process. 

Still, Nashville’s reliable rainfall months and pleasant temperatures make it a great place to indulge in beautiful landscaping. Here’s a list of plants to adorn your plot year-round:



“Mums” are a beautiful hardy plant that comes in an array of bold seasonal colors. These are great for mass planting and adding a bright pop of color to your yard. 


Lavender is an elegant flower that also happens to be low maintenance. Not only will they enhance the aesthetic of your landscape, but they are drought resistant and can even be harvested and used as an herb. 

Asiatic lilies

Lilies are a must-have flower on your Nashville property. Not only are they easy to find and super affordable, but they add a delicate charm to your landscape. 


Autumn blaze maple

There’s a reason “blaze” is in their name. These trees add warm autumn foliage to your landscape and considering they’re insect and disease resistant — they’ll last you a lifetime. 

Tulip Poplar

These trees will fill your yard with gold. If you’re worried about waiting for your tree to grow, fear not; these trees grow up to six feet a year, so your stunning yellow blooms will be here in no time.

Autumn Cherry

The Autumn Cherry blooms in spring and fall and will grow almost anywhere. You won’t want to forgo adding their alluring white blooms to your lawn. 



 What’s lovely about this shrub is that it requires very little upkeep and is dependable for seasonally thriving flowers that will adorn your landscape with ethereal pink, red, and white hues.

]Song of India

Another drought-resistant plant, the Song of India shrub, requires minimal watering and will accentuate your garden with its rich green and yellow leaves all year. 

Bird of Paradise

Known for its resemblance to tropical birds, this plant can take some time to blossom, but it will be worth it for those striking blue and orange highlights. 

Bring your landscaping vision to life with any of these gorgeous perennials and more with the help of Landscaping Solutions. Contact us to set up a landscape design consultation today!