Playful Retreat


Natural play and pool! A summer camp for kids and grownups in the backyard all year long! A low maintenance garden in the front for stormwater collection and erosion control.


Our design team was brought in to collaborate and incorporate landscaping with existing hardscape elements that were already in this adventurous space. We installed native plants in the front lawn in phases, starting with plants such as Florida Anise, Allum Root Autumn Bride, and Sumac Gro Low. Each plant has its own intention, for example, Switchgrass Shenandoah provides partial screening with texture and movement while also helping to absorb water and providing winter interest. In phase two, we added Bluestar, Aster, Blue Wild Indigo, Joe Eye Weed, Blue Cardinal Flower, Bee Balm, Beardtongue, Garden Phlox, Orange Coneflower, and Cherokee Sedge. For the back, our clients also wanted low maintenance, stormwater collection and screening. We used many of the same plants as the front in addition to Juniper, American Wisteria, Little Bluestem Grass, and Pussy Willow. Many of these plants are wonderful hosts to a variety of butterflies, moths, and birds.

  • Native Rain Gardens
  • Indian Creek River Rock
  • Techo-bloc Borealis edging
  • Techo-bloc Borealis retaining wall