Backyard Waterfall


Turning a sloped backyard into a personal oasis comes with many challenges. In fact, in many cases we come across, the uneven ground can cause people to throw traditional landscaping ideas out the window. However, sloped terrain can actually make some projects more affordable to complete. For example, The a lawn with a natural gradient is the perfect place to build a waterfall. In this case, a little extra gravity and a professional outdoor design can quickly turn your underutilized sloped yard into a relaxing and beautiful getaway. 


Transforming A Sloped Lawn 


Using the natural gravity of a sloped lawn is the perfect way to install a cascading waterfall system. The sounds of flowing water are proven to help reduce anxiety and have an incredibly calming effect. You can even use local stones and rock formations to add a unique aesthetic to your chosen water features. When working with a sloped lawn, plan out where you would like your waterfall to start and how much of your yard you would like it to take up. You can add a small waterfall for the calming flow or create an entire environment of small ponds and other water features throughout your space. 

Water features also have positive effects on the environment. If you have other natural plants and flowers in your yard, water features provide an accessible water source for pollinators like bees that will help keep the rest of your plants flourishing. 


Waterfall Inspiration 


There are endless possibilities for the aesthetic of a waterfall in your yard. To fully incorporate into your yard, we recommend building a tiered waterfall system that will cascade down the slope. This will create multiple waterfalls that flow seamlessly into one another. Using a stone of your choice, you can easily complement other features of your outdoor space like an existing patio or stone wall. You can also incorporate local stone to give your waterfall a more natural feel. 

You can choose to have a never-ending waterfall that flows back to the top, or it can fall into a pond at the end for an extra feature. To complete your waterfall, we suggest adding landscaping features that are nicely spaced and easy to tend to. These could be open leafy shrubs or small beds of wildflowers. This will ensure your water feature doesn’t look overcrowded and still blends into the other landscaping of the space. 


Building Water Features 


When creating water features in a yard, there are many factors to consider. From sourcing beautiful materials that can be hard to find, to the location of water lines and power sources for pumps, working with our team makes the process easy. Our expert design team will work with you to create the perfect waterfall from your slope. We’d love to work with you from the start to design and incorporate a beautiful waterfall into your outdoor space.